Best Ways to Take Shrooms (Psilocybin)

Best Ways to Take Shrooms (Psilocybin)

Buy Microdosing Mushroom Capsules Online Michigan are growing in popularity each day, You could almost say there is a Mushroom Revival happening. Also known as “Buy Dried Psilocybin mushrooms Online Michigan,” these psilocybin mushrooms are consumed for a distinct and often profound psychedelic experience. People all over the world have come to see them as nature’s gift that offers a taste of magic and they have been making headlines in different parts of the world, especially in places where psychotropic substances are being legalized such as Canada. Buy Dried Microdose mushrooms Online Michigan, Buy Dried Psychedelic mushrooms online Michigan and Buy Dried magic mushrooms online Michigan.

Today, alternative medicine experts claim that psychedelic mushrooms can help consumers in various ways, mainly by causing a drawn-out sense of euphoria caused by psilocybin which is the most prevalent hallucinogenic substance in them, offering users various health benefits.

Remember to do your research and purchase them from a trustworthy source because they can often be poisonous and damage your liver cells. If, for instance, you live in a country like Canada, make sure to look up the best shroom dispensary in Canada to guarantee that you buy top-quality verified products that will protect your health.

In addition to learning how best to consume magic mushrooms, how to obtain the highest quality of ‘schrooms, and don’t forget to learn the best way to store magic mushrooms. The worst possible thing that can happen to someone that is looking to maintain a decent supply of mushrooms is to store them wrong, only to wind up wasting them.

Storing Buy Microdosing Mushroom Capsules Online Michigan

If Buy Dried Psilocybin mushrooms Online Michigan aren’t stored correctly, they can break down, they can lose their potency, or even become highly susceptible to harmful bacteria and mold. In other words, you risk some pretty major danger to your mind and body. 

Mushrooms is a  form of fungi, (but you know that) and you run a  dangerous risk they are not properly stored. In my personal experience over the years, I’ve learned there are four factors to be aware of in order to get the longest shelf life possible.   They are…

  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • UV light
  • Mold & bacteria

Now, don’t be alarmed. Properly storing magic mushrooms isn’t expensive or too much work. For instance, you can get good shelf life using any of these inexpensive solutions.

1: ZipLock Baggies 

2: After grinding them, store them in capsules. Seriously, it’s my favorite way to store them,

Some people prefer to store magic mushrooms in chocolate, by mixing ground up Buy Dried magic mushrooms online Michigan into melted chocolate, or even mixing them in something like Honey. I would recommend this only if creating edibles is the only way you plan to consume them. (And keep them away from anyone unaware of what’s inside.)

If you’re lucky enough to get a hold of some fresh mushrooms for sale, you might want to try using an air drying method. Simply placing the shrooms on a thick paper towel for 72 hours or so. You can also go big time by  dehydrating them with a food dehydrator. (a nice option if you can afford one)  or maybe even doing some freeze drying. Where do I Buy Dried magic mushrooms online Michigan?

What ever you decide, if you’re buying more than enough mushrooms for your immediate needs, you will need a good storage plan. 

Shrooms are best taken raw but people find their taste unpleasant and cannot enjoy them without accompaniments. For this reason, you must first find your preferred method of ingestion, and in this article, we offer some tips on how to consume them.


This is one of the most popular ways of consuming shrooms. Some people prefer to smoke them, while others believe that smoking doesn’t have the same effect as eating them. Nevertheless, the effects of smoking them don’t last as long as eating them raw.  

Also note, it has been reported that smoking mushrooms could lead to a serious health risk associated with fine particles getting into your lungs. While some people enjoy smoking Dried Magic mushrooms for sale in uk, it’s not something Spinfuel can recommend. 

Mix Buy Dried Psilocybin mushrooms Online Michigan With Other Foods

Rather than eating your them raw, you can sprinkle them onto or blend them with some other dish. Most commonly, people mix them with their favorite dishes like pizza, burgers, and pasta but feel free to get more creative. 

For example, you can grind them up and eat them with Japanese rice crackers or rice cakes that will help mask the shroom flavor with practically zero preparation needed. Many people even add it as a baking ingredient while baking and to their favorite chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Where do I Buy Dried magic mushrooms online Michigan?

Don’t forget to clean the fungi before mixing or sprinkling the powder onto your dish. Virulent bacteria reproduce at infectious levels even with a little heat.

Take Them With Tea or Mix With Juices

As most people find eating shrooms an unpleasant experience, you can drink them as tea. Making them into tea is one of the best ways to consume shrooms as they can be easier on your digestive system and more pleasant for your taste buds that way.

It’s best consumed hot and mixed with spices, all depending on your preference. During the process of preparation, it’s recommended to get creative and use your favorite spices and flavors to enjoy a relaxing cup of shroom tea as you embark on your magical journey.  Can You Buy Dried Psychedelic mushrooms online Michigan?

Take Them As A Shroom Smoothie

For those who’re looking for ways to mask the taste, a shroom smoothie might be a perfect option. Start by crushing the magic mushrooms in a plastic bag. Proceed by making your smoothie with your favorite ingredients and then add the shrooms and pulse the blender several times so that everything mixes well.  Where can I Buy Dried Psychedelic mushrooms online Michigan

To make things simpler, get your favorite type of juice, be it orange juice or any naked juice, drink a little, and then add the crushed shrooms and shake the bottle. The body absorbs liquids easier which may result in a quicker experience.

Buy Microdosing Mushroom Capsules Online Michigan-Infused Chocolates and Other Sweets

One of the best things about them  is that they go with almost anything. If you have a sweet tooth, this method might work best for you. Place small bits of into chocolates, or any other mouth-watering confections like caramels, cookies that require baking. 

Remember that psilocybin breaks down around a temperature of 190°F so baking for extended periods beyond this time may affect potency. There is always an option to try no-bake versions to preserve potency as well. How do I Buy Dried Microdose mushrooms Online Michigan?

Final Thoughts

If you love shrooms but detest how they taste, there are many ways in which you can eat them without feeling sick to your stomach. Sipping it as warm tea, mixing it with a creamy risotto or delicious pasta dish, or adding it to your smoothie are just some of the options to choose from.  Can You Buy Dried Microdose mushrooms Online Michigan?

Keep in mind to kick off your trip with a light dose is a good starting point when getting acquainted with the experience.

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