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Cheap Panaeolus Cinctulus for sale  is generally said to be either similar to Psilocybe cubensis or somewhat weaker, meaning somebody used to “cubes” would want a similar or larger dose to achieve the same results.


Panaeolus Cinctulus INFO

Buy Dried Panaeolus Cinctulus Online USA in the Panaeolus genus are called Mottlegills because their spores develop unevenly, producing dark spotting and mottling on the gills. The “banded” part of this species’ name refers to the way the outer part of the cap is usually (not always) darker than the middle. But the people who use this species[i] for its psychoactive properties don’t usually call it The Banded Mottlegill. Most just use its scientific name, Where to buy Panaeolus cinctulus. Dried Panaeolus Cinctulus Mushroom for sale

Dried Panaeolus Cinctulus Mushroom for sale in US, Canada. Also do you want to cultivate mushrooms?. And also make it yourself. Furthermore as easy as possible. is what you need. And also what you have always wanted. Again these grow kits are inoculated. Furthermore with cubensis spores. And also the mycelium is fully developed. Also subject to moist conditions. And this is done by adding water. Furthermore at the right temperature. And also facilitating growth and development. The shrooms are ready for harvest after 20 days. Basidiospores are produce. This happens when shrooms are cultivated.

Pileus (cap):

4-5 cm broad at maturity. Convex to campanulate, then broadly convex, finally expanding to nearly plane with a broad umbo. Cinnamon brown to orange cinnamon brown, fading to tan in drying with a dark brown encircling zone around the margin.

Lamellae (Gills):

Attachment adnate to uncinate, close, slightly swollen in the centre, and with three tiers of intermediate gills inserted. Color brownish and mottled, with the edges remaining whitish, blackish when fully mature.

Stipe (stem):


50-60 mm long by 2-4 mm thick. Brittle, hollow, and fibrous. Reddish beneath minute whitish fibrils, darkening downwards. Sometimes bruising bluish at the base.

Microscopic features:

Spores black in deposit, lemon shaped in side view, subellipsoid in face view.11.5-14 by 7.5-9.5 microns. Basidia 2- and 4-spored. Pleurocystidia absent. Cheilocystidia variable in form, mostly pear shaped, 14-21 by3-7 microns.



Spring, summer, and fall.

Habitat and Distribution:

Growing in areas much like P. semilanceata, Found on areas where horses reside and on the hay bails that have been left out. They also like to grow in any grassy areas, especially where they have been well kept and fertilized. Grows in dung (especially horse dung),compost, rotting hay and in well manured ground in the spring, summer and early fall. Widely distributed. Reported from North America, South America, Europe, middle Siberia, Africa and Hawaiian archipelago.


The known benefits of How to buy Panaeolus Cinctulus all stem from the fact that it contains psilocybin, a powerful and relatively safe psychoactive substance. That is, while psilocybin use does have its risks (see note on Toxicity), dangerous reactions are rare. Overdoses are rarely if ever fatal.

Many personal, spiritual, and medicinal benefits are claimed for psilocybin, and some preliminary research suggests at least some of the claims may be correct. Unfortunately, research has been hampered by the laws against psilocybin use. So far, we can’t really be sure of anything except that some people enjoy the result of eating these mushrooms.

Health claims of Buy panaeolus mushroom include everything from help with migraines to alleviating treatment-resistant depression.


In general, psilocybin typically causes euphoria, altered thought-patterns that can include new insights, and, especially at higher doses, hallucinations—as well as some less-pleasant effects, such as nausea and excessive yawning. The most common serious unpleasant effect is anxiety, although many people find that psilocybin use actually alleviates anxiety. Much depends on the setting and on the user’s mindset going into the experience. Microdosing Buy Panaeolus Cinctulus Online USAmay feel similar to a cannabis high.

Where can i Buy Panaeolus Cinctulus specifically is often said to give a happier trip than the more familiar (to many) Psilocybe cubensisthanks to a slightly different chemical profilealthough there are very few published trip reports for this species[ii].

Potency of Buy Dried Panaeolus Cinctulus Online USA

Cheap Panaeolus Cinctulus for sale  is generally said to be either similar to Psilocybe cubensis or somewhat weaker, meaning somebody used to “cubes” would want a similar or larger dose to achieve the same results. However, potency can vary from specimen to specimen, plus human sensitivity also varies.

Dosage of Buy Panaeolus Cinctulus Online USA

The proper dose to take depends on what sort of experience the user wants—a microdose that brings a little relaxation and insight without interfering with normal daily activities, or an intensely mind-blowing trip to the stars, or anything in between. But while people sometimes publish dosage recommendations, both mushroom potency and human sensitivity can very so much that results are really hard to predict. Because unpleasant side-effects become more likely at higher doses, it’s always better to err on the side of taking too little rather than taking too much.

With that being said, if you want to try and find a dose that works for you, check out our general magic mushroom dosage guide. You can also try out our magic mushroom dosage calculator where you can choose between six dosage levels, including microdose and heroic dose.

Popular methods of consumption for Panaeolus cinctulus include Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea.



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