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Ideally, a psilocybin microdose (How to microdose Mushroom) will not cause a substantial change in mood, disposition, or mindset. Instead, its effect will be subtle but present.

Preparing Buy psilocybin mushrooms for microdosing involves more steps than microdosing with Cheap LSD For Sale, but is still straightforward.

Not only will fresh and dried psilocybin mushrooms contain different quantities of psilocybin, but different strains of mushrooms will have different psilocybin contents. Even different parts of the mushroom contain slightly different amounts of psilocybin!

We recommend drying a batch of mushrooms, grinding them into a powder, and measuring out around 0.1g of powder as your starter microdose. You can then adjust the amount accordingly after your first attempt. When you take an amount that makes you feel some changes (most notably drowsiness, the first effect that comes on in a psilocybin trip), roll back to the dose just under it, and you will have found your mushroom microdose sweet spot.

You can use any kind of psilocybin mushrooms for your micro-dosing. The most popular ones are Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe semilanceata, Psilocybe azurecens, Psilocybe cyanescens, and Panaeolus. Just be aware of how much psilocybin content your strain has (for example, the last two are rich in psilocybin), and adjust your microdose accordingly. You can learn about the potency levels of different Psilocybe strains at Erowid.

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There are several ways to take your mushroom microdose. The most practical one is to measure out your dosages precisely, and fill up some empty capsules with the powder. This will ensure even distribution throughout your regimen, and will mitigate the taste issue that some people have with psilocybin mushrooms.

Another way is to prepare a psilocybin tea. You can dissolve your desired dose of mushroom powder in hot water, and even add some honey. Otherwise, you are free to experiment and mix the powder into any drink you take to start your day.


James Fadiman recommends taking a microdose once every three days. For most people, morning is the best time because the beneficial effects will last throughout the day, and also because nighttime microdosing could interfere with sleep.

Take a mushroom microdose on Day 1. Then do not take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3.

Then, take another mushroom microdose on Day 4.

Observe the effects throughout this process by taking daily notes in a journal.

Continue the process of microdosing two times per week for several weeks. Take notes throughout the entire process on both short-term, in-the-moment effects, and long-term changes in your mood, energy, and social behavior.

Follow your usual routine while microdosing. You should not change what you do. The purpose is to enhance your day-to-day existence by integrating microdoses into your routine.

However, when you try microdosing for the first time, take a day off from work and social commitments. It will give you a chance to observe and notice any unusual effects before microdosing in a more public situation.

Be vigilant in observing the effects of microdosing on the two days between doses. Many people perceive increased feelings of flow, creativity, and energy the day after they microdose, as well as the day of microdosing.

Microdosing every day is not recommended.  Psychedelics such as psilocybin produce tolerance, so you might see diminishing returns after a few days. This is why Fadiman suggests leaving a couple of days between each dose.

Additionally, the fact that positive effects can be felt sometimes many days after a microdose is a good reason to space out your doses.

Concern for your health is another reason to avoid microdosing Buy Mushroom Pills  every day. There is a potential heart risk of taking too many psychedelics over a long period of time. Although we don’t know how this translates when it comes to microdosing Cheap Mushroom Pills for sale, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and avoid microdosing where to buy Mushroom pills Online too frequently, or for longer than a few months at a time.

Another downside to microdosing Mushroom Pills for sale every day is normalizing a very potent substance. You can compare it to the use of coffee for productivity purposes. When you drink coffee every day, over time you need to increase the dose to get the same effect. Within a couple of months, one cup turns into two, three, or four cups.

It is best to leverage microdosing as an occasional advantage, rather than a consistent go-to like coffee.